International Cappadocia Workshop Made a Big Impact

~ Lyon National Architecture School (ENSAL) France
~ Basilicata University, Matera Architecture Faculty (UNIBAS) Italy
~ Cappadocia University (KÜN) Turkey
~ Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University (NEVÜ) Turkey
~ Argos Group of Companies (ARGOS) Turkey

Organized with the collaboration of total four universities from Turkey, France and Italy and coordinated by Argos Group of Companies, the International Architecture Workshop worked around a rich program focused on Uçhisar. The workshop included excursions in the area, seminars and exhibitions as well as workshop classes. The end result architectural proposals are shared with the both the official participants of the workshop and the interested audience from the region.

Orientated to develop and offer sustainable Project proposals aiming to promote and conserve the genuine cultural heritage of Cappadocia, the participants worked in mixed groups. Consisting mostly of postgraduate students, the architects at first divided into two groups. ‘Workshop 1’ group worked to develop proposals in the area under the fairy chimney called ‘Keklik Kalesi’, on the ruin parcels in Uçhisar for four days in 10 mixed groups. The ‘Workshop 2’ group was given the free choice to pick up a location to work in the area. In nine mixed groups, they looked for answers to the question of, “If a star architect were to make a design in Cappadocia, what would it be?”

31 students and 8 academics from Matera, 45 students and four academics from Lyon, 42 students and four academics from 22 universities of Turkey took part in the Project making process. Also five speakers from Turkey, three from Italy, three from France and 1 speaker from Spain contributed with memorandums and presentations with authentic information.

The workshop project designed to last three years is going to continue with two other meetings in Matera and Valencia in 2020. The Project will end with a symposium where all the workshops and the general theme will be reviewed. The products of the phases of the Project will be published online as an e-book. After the symposium, the whole project will be publicized in a press publication.

We would like to thank the following institutions and organizations for their valuable contribution to the first phase of the project in Cappadocia.

• Nevşehir Governorate 
• Ahika, Ahiler Development Agency 
• Vitra
• Elai & Les Maisons de Cappadoce
• USET (NEVÜ Practice Hotel) 
• Anahita Travel 
• Nevşehir Directorate of Museums