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We are aware that the most important issue in the restoration process is conservation, hence we start our projects with the examination and documentation studies for the preservation of the buildings, their geography, culture, local details and the unique spirit of the place. We proceed without ignoring the possibilities and requirements of modern life, guided by the architectural traditions that have been accumulated in centuries, the materials that make up the original texture, the procedures carried by the stone masters from generation to generation, and the subtleties observed in architectural details.

Application / Structure

The next stage of a project, whose design and projecting stages have been completed, the application project has been approved and the licenses have been obtained, is the Application/Construction stage. At this stage, we bring the project to life by providing and managing the team that will carry out the application, time plans, selection and supply of materials.


This process, which we carry out in cooperation with our “atelier argos” design team, is a process that we carry out in close dialogue with our customer, including architectural applications that will contribute to the finishing and decoration of the project from the idea stage to the finishing stage of the rough construction. Our turnkey approach includes selection and supply of floor and wall coverings, bathroom and kitchen sanitary ware/armatures, selection and construction of movable furniture as well as architectural elements, obtaining occupancy permits, electricity, water, internet etc. and also subscriptions.

Atelier Argos

We know that the first step of architecture that will leave a mark is to produce good ideas. With this approach, the original experience we have gained and the projects we have completed since 1996 have reached a capacity at a level of academic resource in recognizing and learning the tradition of civil architecture. We strive to represent the affirmative and promising side of architecture and carry it to the four corners of our country, not only with the survey-restitution-restoration projects we have licensed, but also with our contemporary designs, interior and landscape applications that speak in languages appropriate to the values of the environment.