Turkey Recommendations in the National Geographic / NG Selection

'Bezirhane Meetings', which took place under the leadership of Argos Yapı and Arkitera with the participation of valuable architects from Turkey and the world, continues from where it left off in argos in Cappadocia in November. The Bezirhane Meetings, where the problems and potentials of Cappadocia will be discussed in three different events, are organized with the participation of invited architects/designers from Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. In the event, where workshops will be held to develop site-specific solutions in the region, the participants will visit the problematic areas of Cappadocia within a specially prepared tour program and then produce ideas on these areas for 3 days in argos in Cappadocia.

Bezirhane Meetings will also host international architects/designers who will convey to the participants the works that can set an example for Cappadocia. These meetings will be open to everyone.

Meeting dates are as follows:

Friday, November 13
Friday, November 19 Mattia Antonio Acito,
Friday, November 27 Alberto Giardano

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