Argos House on the Cover of the Magazine «Architect»

Cevizli Residence, the most recent of the modern projects undertaken only occasionally by the Argos Yapi team is a structure outside the campus of the hotel Argos in Cappadocia, designed as a residence for hotel staff from out of town. 11 small and 6 large living units and common spaces are included in the structure, designed to protect the three walnut trees and two pines on the lot. The architectural language of the Cevizli Residence is striking, and might be a model that suggests simplicity as an alternative architectural language in the region.

The construction of the residence was completed in 10 months. We thank everyone involved in the project. Our thanks go first and foremost to architect Coline Gauthier, our headman Hasan Baş, architect Deniz Güner who took the fine photographs published with the article, and to the team of Architect Magazine for publishing this project.