Museum - Hall

Museum-Lounge is the new gathering venue, gained through the restoration work run by argos in Cappadocia back to Uçhisar and the region. The lounge is in operation since January and exhibits the mill stones and mule channels of a historical bezirhane.*

The restoration team unearthed a very valuable information while pursuing the traces of two demolished houses on a run-down land after the tractor tire has got stuck to the ground during the cleaning of the terrain. The traces of bezirhane found on the floor of the structure in September 2015. The project that was focused on reconstruction of the demolished traditional houses in the area has changed course after this find and transformed the space into an area of use of which details are visible by everyone, staying loyal to the principles of preservation.

It is estimated that the accidentally found bezirhane structure was demolished by the falling rock that covered its roof centuries ago and no trace of the wooden mechanism of the bezirhane was found. However, the two mill stones and a large earthenware jug that were found solid are being exhibited in the Museum Lounge.

The construction of the new structure has been completed to create a multi-purpose lounge where the bezirhane traces carved on the floor stone along with the additional two suite rooms. The facilities occupy 400㎡ lots in total as the construction area within a 285㎡ terrain and have started operating by the end of 2017.

*Linseed oil mill.



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