Hotel Argos in Cappadocia

Hotel Argos in Cappadocia

This boutique hotel complex is made up of a restored series of ruins in the historic townsite of Uchisar, in the old, abandoned neighbourhood on the hillside facing Pigeon Valley.

The planning process started in 1996 with surveys and typological research under the leadership of Turgut Cansever, and continued for eight years.

A series of traditional houses adjacent to one another were restored or re-constructed with traditional methods to re-create the texture of the neighbourhood. The main purpose of the restoration was to allow the space a new identity, without losing the unique local spirit.

After 13 years of meticulous restoration, the hotel argos in Cappadocia opened in 2010, with 29 units of accommodation, each different from the other. Today, the hotel contributes to the social, cultural and economic life of the village of Uchisar, with a unique under-ground tunnel, restaurant, wide terraces, gardens and vineyars, and a magnificent multi-purpose hall created with the restoration of a 1500-year-old rock-carved monastery (Bezirhane) that can host a series of cultural events from concerts to symposia,

As a restoration project in which the principles of preservation of historical texture are never sacrificed to meet the requirements of the tourism industry, argos in Cappadocia is a site of study for faculties of architecture. Our fundamental focus during the restoration process is on raising architectural remains that reflect the ancient texture, while accurately displaying the unique forms and stories that emerge under the heaps of debris in rock-carved spaces with the help of old photographs and traces discovered on location. When we build new structures, we’re careful to use a contemporary architectural language, while respecting the traditional use of form and space.

Projects to further develop the hotel are under way. A Turkish bath and spa, a new multi-purpose hall and a new restaurant planned for 2018 are currently under construction.

New Suits (2014-2016)
Tıraz Mansion (2012-2013)
White Mansion (2010-2011)
Gemil Mansion (2006-2009)
Vasil Mansion (2005-2009)
Mansion With a Tunnel (2001-2006)
Monastery Mansion and Bezirhane (Monastery Hall) (1996-2002)

Employer: Argos Turizm

Location: Uçhisar

Project Date: 1996 - ...

Construction: 1997 - ...