Monastery Mansion and Bezirhane (Monastery Hall)

Monastery Mansion and Bezirhane (Monastery Hall)

Monastery Mansion has received its name from a big surprise that emerged during the removal of debris.
While the courtyards of two adjacent buildings were being cleaned and cleared, a part of the retaining walls to the west collapsed, revealing a rock-carved space filled with debris, behind the wall below “Göreme Caddesi », one of the major arteries of the village.

The village elders had no memory of this rock-carved space so no one knew what it might have been. It took six months of debris removal and surveys for the team to discover a monastery church dating back to the fourth or the fifth century A.D. Thanks to further surveys and research, we now understand that this space probably was used as a caravansarai between the 11th and the 14th centuries, and as a Bezirhane (linseed oil workshop) after the 15th century.

This rock-carved space, thought to be the largest of its kind in the region, is now used for cultural and social activities.

Employer: Argos Turizm

Location: Uçhisar

Project Date: 1996-2000

Construction: 1997-2002