Lipoff House

Lipoff House

This is a house in the abandoned, old neighbourhood of Uçhisar, facing Pigeon Valley, and within the urban archaeological protected site. The floor levels and wall marks were clearly discernible in the still standing parts of the old house.
The rock-carved spaces were cleaned and supported with arches, and the structure was re-constructed by following the traces of the original construction. The house was a summer residence belonging to a French family.
The rock-carved halls in the lower level, with access from the road, were designed as two bedrooms and a living room for guests, while the upper level living room and the bedroom on the top floor were intended for the owners. The terraces in front of the living rooms and the upstairs bedroom offer magnificent views of the Pigeon Valley.

In the construction of this reinforced concrete house built with traditional methods, construction materials already in the house were used as well as new materials obtained in the region.

Employer: Daniele - Ivan Lipoff

Location: Uçhisar

Project Date: 2003

Construction: 2003 - 2004