Cevizli Ev (House with a Walnut Tree)

Cevizli Ev (House with a Walnut Tree)

This is a house intended to serve as residence to employees of argos in Cappadocia who come from different regions. It is located on the plains to the southwest of the village, in the new residential area of Uchisar. The house has 17 rooms in varying sizes, and several common spaces.
In the construction, the project has used reinforced concrete along with local stones.
The architectural design makes some references to the jutting features and movemented traditional character of the region. Design details were planned to enhance the quality of life of the residents, with simplicity and calm in outdoor spaces and cheerful brightness in the interior.

Employer: Argos Turizm

Location: Uçhisar

Project Date: 2014

Construction: 2015