About Us

Argos Yapı (Argos Restoration & Construction) was established in 2003 to refine restorative architecture, to carry forward over the long term the work being done at the village of Uchisar in Cappadocia, to preserve the unique Cappadocian architecture in a way that sets a model for future generations, and to transfer the experiences acquired in working with stone and rock structures of Cappadocia to other regions in Anatolia.

The Hotel, Argos in Cappadocia is the first structure completed in this process. It reflects the valuable expertise of Turgut Cansever, who was a consultant to our team for eight years. Today, in every step of our restoration work, we continue to adhere to the philosophy of restoration developed by Cansever.

Since 1998, Argos Yapı has been accumulating restoration experience at the village of Uchisar. Our team of architects and restoration specialists develops projects and executes them, working with a group of traditional stone builders and masons.

The key theme in consideration at Uchisar has been the preservation of the unique spirit and texture of the historical village, while restoring ruined houses and narrow, winding village streets that reflect centuries of life. Our primary concernt is to avoid a loss of identity while re-shaping the abandoned, historical village to meet the needs of contemporary owners. We are working not only to develop the village of Uçhisar for tourism, but also to enable the villagers to gain new architectural and socio-cultural spaces.

In the long-term process of restoration, we’re guided by the details we observe in architectural traditions developed over many centuries, and masonry skills passed on from generation to generation. The principles of preserving the traditional while giving it new life with contemporary architectural details, meeting current needs while harmoniously blending the old and the new, have formed the backbone of our approach.

The Argos in Cappadocia hotel complex was the first major project tackled by our team. Here, we had to re-build ruins rather than repairing already standing structures.

The hotel emerged with the re-construction of and additions made to a number of houses side by side in an old, traditional neighbourhood of the village.

The project area also covered a 1500-year-old monastery. The meticulous work carried out inside rock sanctuaries led to valuable insights for later work. This process, ongoing since 1997, has enabled us to train new rock carvers, stone masons, woodworkers, blacksmiths, and provided a workshop with learning opportunities and sharing experiences for many young graduates of architecture and restoration faculties.

The quality of the work done by Argos Yapı has served as model for the restoration projects of several houses in the region. A series of improvement and restoration projects in the region such as the Uçhisar village square, the valley of Cevizlibağ, and Tiraz-Fortress Museum are among the medium and long range projects of our team.

Argos in Cappadocia is the winner of 2011 Arkipark architectural award.

It represents a lot more than a job well done -- it creates socio-economic development along with architectural beauty, and continues to provide guidance by giving new life to an ancient village by developing new and traditional skills and by providing a teaching environment for new generations.